Architect Yuval Geni began his own professional practice in 1987, after completing a long period of over 16 years, as a senior architect with Arieh Sharon, the famous Bauhaus trained architect and with his son architect Eldar Sharon.
He is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion in Haifa, after immigrating to Israel in 1967 from Chile, where he initiated his architectural academic studies.
Since the early days of his architectural activity has been involved in the design and planning of many of the most important projects for medical institutions in the country.
Architect Yuval Geni, in addition to being one of the leading experts in Israel in the field of the design for healthcare facilities, was also involved over the years in various projects for residential, business, education and public buildings in general, as well as for the private sector designing private homes, designing interior spaces and giving consultancy services.

In the last years Architect Yuval Geni is actively involved in the protection and sheltering for some of the most important public projects in the country, from the Northern border with Lebanon to the area around Gaza Strip in the South.

Architect Yuval Geni is a member of professional associations in the country and abroad, and participates and lectures at conferences of international experts on healthcare design.

Certified as a Mediator by the Law Courts Administration of Israel.